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Supreme Court of B.C. disagrees with Civil Resolution Tribunal when it comes to charging “retroactive” strata fees…/2018/2018bcsc1637/2018bcsc1637.html

B.C. government cuts automatic 2% increase in annual rent allowance for 2019

RTB Allowable Rent Increase for 2019.

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Residential Tenancy Branch Practice Directive - 2018 Wildfire State of Emergency

If any of your properties may be affected by wildfires, please see the attached practice directive issued to arbitrators by the Residential Tenancy Branch last week.  The last page is the important information.  ... Al Kemp

Practice Directive

Co-ordinated Response to Japanese beetle in Vancouver

Update - July 30, 2018

Given these new legal requirements, the CFIA strongly encourage Property Managers to provide a copy of the attached Guidelines to the landscape companies providing service to the various residential complexes within the Regulated Area in Vancouver.

CFIA has detected a regulated invasive pest – Japanese beetle – in Vancouver BC. Beetle larvae feed on the roots of turfgrass and other plants while adults beetles are heavy feeders on the flowers, fruit and leaves of over 300 species of plants. If the pest spreads it could result in damage to lawns, landscapes, golf courses, parks and it could harm BC’s agriculture sector. As a result of these 2017 detections of the pest an Infested Place Order was created for the City of Vancouver to help prevent spread of Japanese beetle and support the eradication project for this pest. A Regulated Area within the City of Vancouver has been created which includes Granville Island.

Order: which includes a map of the Regulated Area.

Brief overview of the new requirements:

  • Soil, plants with roots and soil, and above ground plant parts are regulated articles as they represent a risk of spreading Japanese beetle.
  • The Regulated area is bounded by 12th avenue on the South, Clark drive on the East and Burrard on the West, and Burrard inlet on the North.
  • In order to move the regulated articles out of the regulated area a CFIA issued movement certificate may be required as well as some kind of treatment or processing to mitigate the risk of Japanese beetle.
  • Prunings and above ground plant parts are only regulated during flight period of the adult beetles – June 15th to October 15th.
  • Soil and plants with soil attached are regulated year round as larvae, eggs and pupae can be present year round.
  • There are some exemptions for certain materials.

Next steps:

This Order was signed April 27th by the Federal Agriculture Minister and is in place now. CFIA is now notifying partners and stakeholders such as your organization so that information can be further distributed and operations adjusted to abide by the Order as applicable. CFIA expects all parties moving regulated articles out of the regulated area to comply.

See website for complete details at 

Latest Tenancy Statutes Amendments Act, tabled in the Legislature, on April 12th, 2018:

Bill 12 – 2018: Tenancy Statutes Amendment Act, 2018


BC Rent Control Limit for 2018 is 4%.



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Residential Tenancy Act Amendments - Legislation Update - December 2017

Bill 16 was introduced by Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Selina Robinson and given First Reading October 27th.  It received 3rd reading and became law November 8th.  For a piece of legislation to be introduced and passed in two weeks, this was lightning speed!

The Bill has now received Royal Assent by the Lieutenant Governor; however, only some of its provisions have been proclaimed.

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