REP10 Real Estate E&O Legal Update for Strata Managers

REP10 Real Estate E&O Legal Update for Strata Managers
This course is intended to provide a review of recent statutory changes and Human Rights Tribunal decisions identified as being of particular importance to strata managers. Further, this course will review the provisions of the new Limitation Act, with particular emphasis on the duty of strata managers to report potential claims to the strata council. In addition, the course will provide an opportunity to consider the responsibilities of a strata manager with respect to disclosing the mandatory depreciation reports, as well as advising the strata council for crucial decisions regarding borrowing to finance repairs and responding to alterations to common property. This course is divided into five lessons: Depreciation Reports; Borrowing to Finance Major Repairs; The Limitation Act; Human Rights Update; and Alterations to Common Property by Owner. This course provides 1 full day credit for relicensing purposes and 6 credits for Real Estate Board PDP.

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