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Buildex/PAMA - W13 – Resilience is the New Sustainability

Buildex/PAMA - W13 – Resilience is the New Sustainability
Concert Properties as part of their Sustainability Strategy has identified a set of 8 environmental sustainability principles. This session will walk through why and how Concert has added ‘Climate Resilience’ to its operations and planning. It will cover the lessons learned in working to make a national portfolio that includes all asset classes more resilient to a more uncertain and changing climate. Specific topics include how to evaluate climate risk in different locations across Canada, strategies for new construction and the integration of strategies for existing properties.

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 Dave Ramslie, VP Sustainability, Concert Properties
2/13/2019 10:10 AM - 12:00 PM
Vancouver Convention Centre West Room 206/207 Vancouver V6C 0C3
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