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Chargeback Workshop - Victoria

Chargeback Workshop - Victoria
A strata corporation often charges back an owner for a variety of things – deductibles, damage below the deductibles, repairs to strata lots, costs of remedying a bylaw contravention, and investigation costs. Collecting those chargebacks can be difficult.

In addition, the CRT has refused to uphold chargebacks in a number of cases.

This seminar will have participants work through real life scenarios to ensure that the proper steps are taken to
make those chargebacks collectable.

Veronica Franco, Maris Holmes, Lucya Kowalewski & Kelsey Marshall
Clark Wilson LLP

8:30 - 9:00 am: Registration
9:00 am - 12:00 pm: Workshop
12:00 pm: Luncheon

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  Veronica Franco
  Partner, Clark Wilson LLP
  Veronica is a leader in the practice of strata law in BC and one of the top contributors to advancing education within the industry, presenting regularly for the Condominium Home Owners          Association, the Professional Association of Managing Agents, and the Continuing Legal Education Society. She also updates three chapters for the Strata Property Practice Manual for CLE      and reviews the manuals for the Advanced Strata Management Course offered through Langara College.

  Lucya Kowalewski
  Clark Wilson LLP.

  Lucya offers experienced legal counsel on various aspects of litigation and dispute resolution. Litigation proceedings are often stressful and costly endeavors. Whether employing her expertise as a    litigator in a courtroom or through negotiations, Lucya focuses on yielding the most advantageous outcomes for her clients. Lucya provides advice to strata corporations and property managers on a myriad of complex time-sensitive issues, including matters relating to contract disputes, human rights complaints, privacy disputes and civil resolution tribunal disputes.

Maris Holmes

Associate, Clark Wilson LLP

While she was just beginning her legal practice, Maris was an active owner in her Vancouver condo. She attended strata meetings and helped advance major building projects, learning about the processes and challenges strata corporations face. This inspired her to get more involved in Strata Property law. She understands the stress owners often face and applies a practical legal perspective to find workable solutions that provide relief.

Kelsey Marshall
Associate, Clark Wilson LLP

Contracts are only as strong as the words that form them-nuances in language create nuances in meaning. Kelsey understands the weight of words and the power of communication. This informs her approach in preparing and articulating precise documents and agreements that protect our clients and achieve their goals.

9/27/2019 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Comfort Inn & Suites 3020 Blanshard Street Victoria, BC CANADA
Online registration not available.

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