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Almanac #67

Did you know . . . “prima facie,” “burden of proof,” “balance of probabilities,” and “preponderance of the evidence” are the keys to success at a dispute resolution hearing? 
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Lawn Watering Regulations are in effect May 1 to October 15

Our water use can increase by 50% in summer and early fall, largely due to lawn watering. The region‑wide watering regulations are an effective way to help us use our drinking water wisely.


2019 update to the WorkSafeBC Serious Injury Prevention Initiative

WorkSafeBC’s Industry Initiatives identify additional sectors and subsectors, outside of the High Risk Strategies, with a high risk of serious workplace injury and significant contribution to the serious injury rate. Each initiative focuses prevention efforts on identified areas of high risk in order to apply resources and effort where they will be most effective. In 2018, WorkSafeBC adopted a three-year development cycle for Serious Injury Prevention. Based on the work done to date, there are additional focus areas for 2019 that have been identified within the Serious Injury Prevention Initiative. You can read about those updates and more on WorkSafeBC’s web pages for the High Risk Strategies and Industry Initiatives.


Supreme Court of B.C. disagrees with Civil Resolution Tribunal when it comes to charging “retroactive” strata fees…/2018/2018bcsc1637/2018bcsc1637.html

B.C. government cuts automatic 2% increase in annual rent allowance for 2019

RTB Allowable Rent Increase for 2019.

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