Associate Members CommitteeThis Committee is elected by the Associate Members. The committee is chaired by the Associate member Director on the PAMA Board. The committee is charged with looking out for the interests and concerns of the PAMA Associate Members. Under this Committee sit several sub-Committees including golf, casino, bowling etc.ASSCOMMITTEE/ASS
Board of DirectorsThe Board of Directors manage the affairs of the Association and are elected by members at the AGM. They serve two year periods for a maximum six years.BOARDCOMMITTEE/BOARD
Education CommitteeComprised of lawyers, strata and rental property managers, this group is responsible for the exceptional program of seminars, workshops PAMA delivers throughout the year.EDUCATIONCOMMITTEE/EDUCATION
Rental Management CommitteeComprised of lawyers, a rental industry consultant and rental managers, this group reviews issues relating to rental management and provides input into the creation and delivery of the rental educational program. RENTCOMMITTEE/RENT
Relicencing Education Program REPCOMMITTEE/REP