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Legal Update - Strata Managers (Cancelled)

Legal Update - Strata Managers (Cancelled)
This Course is a hybrid-delivery course consisting of an initial online component, delivered by the UBC Sauder Real Estate Division, and a subsequent classroom component, delivered by the Professional Association of Managing Agents. In order to fulfill the REP requirement, both the online component and the classroom component of the Course must be successfully completed.


Please register directly through the Real Estate Council. (https://rep.recbc.ca/) 

The online material on the UBC site will only be accessible between Wednesday May 20 through Wednesday June 3. You need to complete this portion before the live class.

Licensees are reminded that Strata re-licensing also requires completion of the on-line Anti-Money Laundering course.  

Confirmation of Completion

Your record of completion is recorded directly at the Real Estate Council.  No confirmation is required for re-licensing.


Phil Dougan, Citadel Law Corporation

Phil loves to be a teacher when he can. He is involved with the Canadian Condominium Institute as a board member and speaker at CCI seminars. Three or four times a year, Phil also teaches an eight-week course at Vancouver Community College called “Law and Tenant Relations” for students training to be building managers.

6/10/2020 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Pacific Standard Time
Remote Delivery - Zoom Zoom - Web Based CANADA
Online registration not available.

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