Getting Paid

Getting Paid
A users’ guide to the Small Claims Court and collecting on your RTB Monetary Order.


So, you have an order for $5,000, now what?  The Small Claims Court provides a number of enforcement options that assist in turning an order into cash.  This PAMA webinar will give you the practical and procedural steps you need to follow to get the money you are owed.  Help minimize your own stress and effort by being ‘forewarned and forearmed’ to get the Court to assist you; and not have the justice system frustrate you!

 See you on the11th of February!



Phil Dougan, Citadel Law Corporation

Phil loves to be a teacher when he can. He is involved with the Canadian Condominium Institute as a board member and speaker at CCI seminars. Three or four times a year, Phil also teaches an eight-week course at Vancouver Community College called “Law and Tenant Relations” for students training to be building managers.

2/11/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Pacific Standard Time

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