Building Life Cycle - Part 8 - Building Envelope Evaluations

Building Life Cycle - Part 8 - Building Envelope Evaluations
Why you need them? When you need them? Who should do them? What will it tell you? and What do you do with the info once you get it?


As Property Managers, your clients look to you as experts to help them decide when to spend money, how much to spend, and what to spend it on. Good decision making comes down to having sufficient knowledge about the problem; and understanding the range of options available along with the benefits and risks associated with each. You also need an overall understanding of other competing priorities, so you are not making any one decision in isolation. When it comes to decisions about the Building Envelope, you can follow the same problem-solving approach as most other problems.

 Whether you are managing a new building with suspected envelope defects, or a 40-year-old complex that has never reported a leak, this presentation should help you understand the fundamentals of Building Envelope Evaluations so you can advise your clients accordingly. We also hope to put Building Envelope problem solving into perspective so you can take a holistic approach to managing Buildings, not just the Building Envelope.

Presented by:

  Guillaume Vadeboncoeur, P.Eng, LEED® AP, Senior Manager - Building Sciences, Fraser Valley and Southern Interior Region, WSP

Mr. Vadeboncoeur, and Mr. Grasty are Professional Engineers with a combined 40+ years of experience in Building Science at WSP Canada Inc. Throughout their careers, both Guillaume and Kevin have regularly acted as Project Managers and Project Engineers on Building Science projects that include building envelope and roofing condition assessments and remediations. Their expertise lies with knowledge of building envelope components, building science theories and ways to incorporate new technologies in construction. 

  Kevin Grasty, P.Eng, LEED® AP, Senior Manager - Building Sciences, Vancouver Island Region, WSP

Guillaume and Kevin have also prepared hundreds of building condition assessments for capital planning and due-diligence purposes, helping their clients with strategic decision making around spending. They focus on understanding the overall condition of all building systems and the range of repair/renewal options available to help prioritizes the competing projects.


2/18/2021 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Pacific Standard Time
Zoom - Web-based

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