Building Life Cycle - Part 12 - Electrical 101

Electrical 101 "What's the Humm all about"


#1 Annual Electrical operating permit

  • I will go over why you need it
  • When you need it
  • What you need to get it and why you usually need an electrical contractor to get one
  • The rules about who and what can be completed under it

#2 High Voltage and Main distribution maintenances

  • When are they mandatory and when are they recommended
  • The benefits on why you should get it done
  • Who does this work and what you should be looking for in hiring a contractor
  • What is involved
  • Who is responsible for what when they are being done

#3 An infrared scan on your buildings electrical system

  • What is it and how does it benefit your building
  • Common areas vs owned and leased units
  • What to look for in a contractor you are going to hire
  • What are the insurance companies looking for in a report


#4 Other issues in a buildings electrical system that you may have to deal with

  • What is aluminum wiring and do I have it

Car charges and how will they affect my electrical system


Ken Wilson, Red Seal/Master Electrician, FSR A, Senior Technical Advisor Power Quality, Houle Electric

Ken as worked in the electrical industry for over   41 years, focusing mainly as a service electrician.  He completed his apprenticeship with multiple   companies performing various work. Prior to   joining Houle, Ken worked at another electrical   company for 10 years, gaining experience in   street lighting traffic signal, high voltage, data   installation, fire alarm installation, testing.      
He joined Houle Electric in 1993 as a Service   electrician, was promoted to Foreman, and now works for the last 8 years in his current role as the senior technical advisor for Houle's Power Quality team.   

6/17/2021 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Pacific Daylight Time
Zoom BC

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