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COVID-19 Legal Resources Page from Clark Wilson LLP

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Federal relief measures guide Government of Canada’s economic response to COVID-19 (March 26)
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Provincial Guidelines

BC Government COVID-19 Information for Strata Housing

Rental Property Management

From Al Kemp

Government Issues Phase 3 Recovery Rules – Landlord Restrictions Eased

E-Blast #12

BC Government announced applications for the $1000 emergency works benefit will open May 1. (April 23)

E-Blast #11

Where to from Here? (May 26)

E-Blast #10

Rent (non) payment (April 9)

E-Blast #9

RTB Clarifies Landlord’s ability to end tenancies. (April 2)

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Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB) issues Orders and Information (March 30)

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I Will Pay April's Rent - Late (March 30)

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Al's latest bulletin (March 27)

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COVID-19 and Rental Housing Providers

Al addresses rumours.

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Rent – To Pay or Not to Pay?

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down; whatever was normal isn’t!

This includes the many situations where residents have been laid off or had their work hours reduced. What can/should you do if a resident tells you s/he can’t pay some or all of this or next month’s rent?

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What Do We Know and What Can We Do about COVID-19?

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From CHOA (click to open and download)

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From the Real Estate Council of BC