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Buildex/PAMA - T34 – Strata Windup 101


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Since the 2016 amendments to the Strata Property Act, wind ups of strata corporations have become a more common event. This session will focus on answering the following questions, focusing on Division 2 Wind Ups (Voluntary Winding Up with Liquidator): What is a winding up? How do they work? What have we learned since the 2016 SPA amendments? What is the strata manager’s role in a winding up?


Allyson Baker, Partner, Clark Wilson LLP

Infrastructure and condominiums. At first blush, these two areas of practice, which make up Allyson’s primary areas of practice, would not appear to have very much in common with each other. However, what Allyson sees in both areas is a transformation of the way we live in British Columbia.





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3/24/2022 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Pacific Daylight Time
Vancouver Convention Centre West Room 205/207 Vancouver V6C 0C3

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