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Buildex/PAMA - W31 – Is My Building Going to Collapse?

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Building owners have become increasingly concerned about building collapse and structural failures since the recent Surfside, Florida Condo collapse. Cracks in walls, uneven floors, and bowed windows are causing anxiety for owners who are left wondering if their neighbors and themselves are safe to be in their building. In most cases, these buildings are safe, but having an explanation helps put owners at ease and gives clear direction on what repairs should be prioritised, completed and importantly, by when.

The speakers will present forensic case studies and tell-tale signs to help owners understand when evidence of building movement is normal and when professional review and direction is needed


Brennan Vollering Founding Principal, Sense Engineering

Brennan has over 20 years of experience in Structural Design and Restoration Consulting across Canada. He has lead projects ranging in value from $20,000 to more than $300 million. Since moving to Vancouver in 2004, his primary focus has been on structure and cladding restoration. Brennan has worked on hundreds of buildings throughout British Columbia. Brennan believes that developing trust with clients is fundamental to create rewarding experiences. He nurtures trust by spending in-person time with clients to better understand what motivates them and the parameters that affect their decisions. Face time helps Brennan develop personalized solutions that go beyond just technical merit, but also fit the client’s needs and desires.




Kieran Bjornson Project Manager, Sense Engineering

Kieran has over six years of experience as an EIT in the building envelope consulting industry. He has provided evaluation, repair design, contract administration, and construction review services on buildings throughout British Columbia, with a focus on building envelope restoration and roofing. 
Kieran enjoys the new challenges that he encounters on the variety of projects at Sense Engineering. He believes successful projects require constant communication with the client. He knows that every project is unique and uses this approach when working as part of the project team with clients and individual team members.

3/23/2022 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Pacific Daylight Time
Vancouver Convention Centre West Room 205/207 Vancouver V6C 0C3

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