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How to Help your Council with Strata Governance

Working with your Strata Council Clients, providing support, direction and guidance


  • Ever wonder how others deal with difficult situations? 
  • Do you have a council that has hidden agendas? 
  • Do your council meetings consistently run long?  
  • Do you have a council member who continually highjacks the meeting to discuss items that are not on the agenda? 
  • Would you like to revisit best practices for Council Meetings?

Panel presentation with Leslie Haycock, Kelly Raby, Greg Bickert and Jason Kurtz

Join us on February 08, 2023, as four Senior Strata Managers from different companies discuss these issues and more.  Hear how others manage difficult situations and be reminded to go back to the basics.

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2/8/2023 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Pacific Standard Time

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