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This article from Business in Vancouver reveals crucial facts and numbers confirming serious lack of licensed Strata Managers in Lower Mainland.

Allowable Rent Increases for 2017

Residential tenancy rent increases that take effect in 2017 are allowed to a maximum of 3.7%
Manufactured home park tenancy rent increases that take effect in 2017 are allowed to a maximum of 3.7% plus a proportional amount

Al's Almanac

Al’s Almanac is intended to provide you with current information about the residential rental industry and tips to help you increase your success in this challenging business

Issue #41, January 2017
Did you know...

...  what to do when a resident passes away?  Not a pleasant thought of course; however, it happens and we need to be prepared.  Here is a recent email from a property management client and my answer.

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Issue #40, December 2016
Did you know...

. . .  that several changes were made to the Residential Tenancy Act and Regulation earlier this month.  The major change now allows tenants to end a fixed term tenancy (lease) early without penalty where the person is fleeing family violence, or has been admitted to or assessed as requiring long term care.   See the December 7th 2016 “Special Issue” of Al’s Almanac for details.  There is also a comprehensive FAQ document
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Special Issue, December 2016

Government Proclaims Provisions Allowing for Early End to Fixed Term Tenancies (Leases)
Although passed over a year ago, on December 6, 2016, the BC Government brought into force changes to the Residential Tenancy Act and Regulation that allow tenants with fixed term tenancies to end those tenancies early with proof from an authorized professional (“third party verifier”) that...
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Issue #38, September 2016

This issue I depart from the usual “Did you know . . .” lead-in.  One of the fun parts of this job is the interesting and varied questions I receive. 
Here are some of them – to paraphrase the (dumb) car commercials: “they are from real people, not made up!”

Q.  I have a one year fixed term tenancy agreement with my renters that ends in three months. I’d like them to stay; what do I need to do?
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PIPA and Strata Corporations: Frequently Asked Questions

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This applied course is designed for working strata managers. You will develop “handson”
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understanding of how to handle everyday challenges pertaining to statutory compliance,
annual general meetings, council meetings, mixed-use stratas, budget preparation,
financial reserves, building maintenance, insurance claims, and time management.
Prerequisite: A current strata management license.
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Detailed information about REP requirements is available at the Real Estate Council web site
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Real Estate E&O Legal Update for Strata Managers
Real Estate E&O Legal Update for Strata Managers