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Issue #29, January 2016

Did you know . . .

. . . that when they fall out of love, you might be in the middle?  Not my typical opening, but read on, beginning with the email from a resident manager.

This resident is breaking his lease and wants to leave and go home to Ontario. His ex-girlfriend, (as of a week ago!) will not leave the suite and he has been staying at another friend's place. He wants her gone and wants to be able to come home until he leaves at the end of the month. Any advice on what he can do? He says she pays for nothing and she is an occupant only on the lease. I know it is his problem not ours, but any advice would be helpful for me.


Fees and Fee Waivers 


Effective January 8, 2016 the fee for filing an Application for Dispute Resolution is increasing to $100 and Applications for a Review of an Original Order or Decision are rising to $50. The fee changes affect applications made under the Residential Tenancy Act and Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act. More info 

Organic Disposal Ban


Message from City of Vancouver on Organics Disposal Ban

The Organics Disposal Ban is now in effect and applies to all properties, including apartments, condos and townhomes, as well as commercial and mixed use buildings. All food scraps, such as raw, cooked and spoiled foods, plate scrapings and leftovers, are no longer allowed in regular garbage and should be recycled. Under the City by-law, property owners are required to develop a food scraps diversion plan and to manage food scraps according to that plan.

City staff can provide tips and advice on how to implement your plan – if your building or business requires assistance in setting up a food scraps diversion plan, please call 604-871-6443 or email Learn more at 


PIPA and Strata Corporations: Frequently Asked Questions


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